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Karen Haandrikman

Karen Haandrikman is the project leader for ResSegr and is associate professor at the Department of Human Geography at Stockholm University. Karen is a human geographer and demographer, focusing on spatio-demographic topics. Current projects include studies on segregation measurement using individualized neighbourhoods, neighbourhood effects on economic integration among immigrants, several studies on marriage and migration, contextual effects on intergenerational social mobility, and entrepreneurship among migrant women. She teaches migration courses at different levels.


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Torkild Hovde Lyngstad


Torkild Hovde Lyngstad is professor of sociology at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography at the University of Oslo, and is project leader for the Norwegian team of ResSegr. His research interests include family demography, life course studies, criminology, applications of quantitative methods in the social sciences, as well as residential (and other types of) segregation patterns. He has published articles in leading demography and sociology journals, on topics as diverse as marital history dynamics, community effects, sibling interactions, fertility intentions, criminal careers and genocide.


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Helga de Valk


Helga A.G. de Valk is theme group leader Migration and Migrants at the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI, the Hague) and professor at Interface Demography Free University Brussels (VUB, Belgium). She is project leader for both the Belgian and the Dutch team of ResSegr. Her research focuses on migration and integration, the transition to adulthood of immigrant youth, educational inequality, union and family formation, the second generation, intergenerational relationships in immigrant families, and European mobility. Among her recent ongoing projects are the ERC starting grant project “Families of migrant origin: a life course perspective” (Familife) and the Norface funded “European welfare states in times of mobility” (MobileWelfare) project. She has published articles in a wide range of leading journals and books in the field of demography, migration and family sociology. She is the acting editor in chief of the European Journal of Population (EJP).


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Niels Ploug


Niels Ploug is the director for Social Statistics at Statistics Denmark and an external lecture at the University of Copenhagen, department of Economics. Previously he was the Research Director at the Danish National Institute of Social Research and he has done research within the areas of social mobility, social inequality, Labour market issues and comparative welfare state research. His most recent publications are two books (in Danish) on the Danish class society and journal articles on active Labour market policies and the Danish old age pension system. He is project leader for the Danish ResSegr team.


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